Simple to Use

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Like the idea of what Project Management Systems offer but put off by the complexities of most programs on the market? Want to become more organized but don’t feel you have the IT skills to transfer your business operations to ‘the cloud’? Either way, Kore Projects is for you! It requires no training to set up, can be used by those with even the most basic computer skills and will have your business operating more efficiently within hours!

Maximum efficiency and productivity aren’t just for large scale, technical industries. We understand this and have created Kore Projects as the ideal system for the small to meduim sized business. While other companies take a ‘one size fits all’ approach and will happily sell a program that has dozens of features you will never need, Kore Projects gives you just what you require in a simple to use format. We have taken the best of what operational systems can offer and packaged them into the most instantly beneficial and user friendly program of its kind on the market.

• No training required

• Up and running within hours

• Your business streamlined and easy to manage

• Only basic IT skills necessary to operate